Unisharp L-Type Acupuncture Needles with Spring Handle

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UniSharp L 0.30x30mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.30x30mm 100's/box L3010
UniSharp L 0.30x40mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.30x40mm 100's/box L3015
UniSharp L 0.25x30mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.25x30mm 100's/box L3210
UniSharp L 0.25x40mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.25x40mm 100's/box L3215
UniSharp L 0.22x15mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.22x15mm 100's/box L3405
UniSharp L  0.22x30mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.22x30mm 100's/box L3410
UniSharp L 0.22x40mm 100's/box    UniSharp L 0.22x40mm 100's/box L3415
UniSharp L 0.20x15mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.20x15mm 100's/box L3605
UniSharp L 0.20x30mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.20x30mm 100's/box L3610
UniSharp L 0.20x40mm,100pcs UniSharp L 0.20x40mm,100pcs L3615
UniSharp L 0.18x15mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.18x15mm 100's/box L3805
UniSharp L 0.18x30mm 100's/box  UniSharp L 0.18x30mm 100's/box L3810
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Korean Style Spring Handle

1 Needle 1 Tube No Tabs

Stainless Steel 

100 Per Box

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Korean Style Spring Handle with No Tab. 

Mango de primavera estilo coreano sin lengüeta.

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