IR Hot neck belt 20'x4'

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Non electric. Heats naturally using Tourmaline.This product combines both piezoelectric and thermoelectric effects and can resonate with the human magnetic field to release heat, anion and far-infrared producing a deep thermal effect. The thermal effect can be increased by moistening brace with a damp cloth. Includes 4 magnets
To clean wipe with a damp cloth.
Size: 19" long x 4" width.

Polvo de turmalina que puede dar el calor del cuerpo humano estimulaci�n como la corriente el�ctrica micro se utiliza para proporcionar calor therapeautic. Puede mejorar la circulaci�n sangu�nea. Tama�o: 19 "de largo * 4" de ancho. Incluye 4 imanes