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Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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*Inflates and deflates automatically
*Memory: 60 Sets (blood pressure, pulse rate, date, time) 30 sets for each zone
*Displays blood pressure and pulse rate with date and time
*Cuff size: 19.3" x 5.71"
*Measurement range:0-300mm Hg(pressure) 40-200pulse/min(pulse rate)
*Battery managment: 3 Mins Power-off/Low Battery Indicator.Uses 4 AA batteries

* Infla y desinfla autom�ticamente * 60 de memoria, 30 conjuntos de cada zona * Muestra la presi�n arterial y el pulso con fecha y hora * Tama�o del brazalete: 490 � 145 mm * Rango de medici�n: 0-300mm Hg (presi�n); 40-200pulse/min (pulso) * Precisi�n: + /-4 mmHg (presi�n) + / -5% (Pulso) * 3min Power-off/Low Indicador de bater�a